Son can you play me a memory?

driving music

You know that feeling when you’re just going along with your day, walking down the street, sending an email, completely spacing out on your commute, and a memory hits you out of nowhere? You have no idea how it got here, but suddenly, it very much is. Of course this rarely happens with good memories that turn you into one of those people who laughs to herself on the train or smiles from ear to ear down the sidewalk. No, this memory phenomenon only happens with the most embarrassing, awful, “I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again” memories. The ones where you’re now the girl covering her eyes for no apparent reason because maybe that will make it go away. Yes, these little gems in time are reserved for those cringeworthy memories when you’re throwing up in the bathroom on a train from Rome to Florence (what? who’s done that? definitely not me…) or running into that person and making the world’s most uncomfortable small talk in the sobering light of day. Yes, these face-slapping memory ambushes are truly a scientific phenomenon and should be studied for the horrible moments of truth that they are.

I have good news though. These obnoxious memory punks have a much chiller, down-to-earth, make-you-pancakes-in-the-morning cousin, and her name is Music.

I love music. I mean who doesn’t, right? I firmly believe you’ve got to be some soulless devil worshipper if you don’t like music. Or at the very least you must be 100% devoid of a personality. Don’t tell me you’re “just not that into music” or you “just like what’s popular.” No. Wrong. Move along. If you’ve got one setting on your car radio and it’s Z-100 and you have no problem listening to whatever 6 songs they’ve got on a loop for days on days, then you are one of these people and we cannot be friends. Ever.

Anyway, I’ve found that right along with that stud muffin, Smell, Music has some serious memory super powers (here’s lookin’ at you, temporal lobe #psychnerd). You know what I’m talking about. You’re in your car, or kicking it shuffle-style on your i-Phone and a song comes on that transports you right back to that summer, that car ride, that person, that moment. It’s trippy, man. But oh so awesome. Because unlike the nightmare of a situation I described above, I’ve found music to be pretty damn positive about the whole remembering game.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a little trip down Jobin’s musical memory lane. It’s gonna be magical:

Like A Prayer | Madonna   Summer ‘06. Rachel and I cruising around in Spike, her white Chrysler lebaron convertible. Blasting this and singing it badly. Perfection.

Kiss Me | Sixpence None The Richer   High School. Singing this at the top of my lungs stuffed in the back of someone’s car. ‘Cause driving around was better than sitting at home. Jes told me I had a nice singing voice. Nbd.

Ain’t No Reason | Brett Dennen   Summer ’07. This was on repeat as I soaked in that last summer at home. Bring it on college, I can be thoughtful and deep.

Maggie’s Farm | Bob Dylan   Fall ’07. Riding the shuttle to my morning classes freshman year. It was early, I was doing my makeup on the bus, but it was freshman year and college was awesome.

Warwick Avenue | Duffy   College. This was my ringtone for a seriously long time. Amazing lady power soundtrack for walking to class. Love it.

Sex on Fire | Kings of Leon   Dublin ’09. Every pub we went into. Gold

I Gotta Feeling | Black Eyed Peas   Dublin ’09. Every night before we went out, and usually the pub too. Double gold. 

Stutter | Maroon 5   ’11? ’12? Walking out of the metro exit on my way to work in the morning, so professional. Sometimes these things don’t make sense…just gotta embrace the randomness. 

Silver Lining | Rilo Kiley   ’13. Driving through DC on a random Tuesday night to an open mic night with Grace. Girl power, gettin’ cultured. Bring it. 

One Headlight | The Wallflowers   Every summer in my memory. Driving down Crossbay Blvd.  for another glorious Rockaway beach day. Nothing beats it.

And you know I hooked you up with a playlist. Listen here and it’ll be like you’re living my life. Like I said, trippy.

Here’s to the memories, Music.

Cheers, Jobin



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