Drinking + Games = Fun.

So, in honor of the weekend, I’m going to impart on you the wisdom and wonderment of a drinking game my friend Brittany and I created (while drinking) in Minnesota this summer.

It’s called Cup Buckets and it goes a little something like this.

Required Equipment:

1. Solo Cups

2. Hands

3. 3 friends/enemies/acquaintances/human beings

4. Some degree of hand-eye coordination


There has to be a minimum of four players. Make two teams.

Stand about ten feet away and face each other.

One person will throw the solo cup and the other person has to catch it by having it land on top of your hand.

The object is to get 5 “buckets” (cup on hand) before the other team.

You drink every time you miss/don’t catch the cup.

Rudimentary sketches detailing proper formation below:

How to form your hand in preparation and anticipation.

photo 2

How you catch the cup.

photo 1

Now, go forth, my sons, to the land of inebriation.

xoxo, VodkaPete


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